DLO Associates coaching and strategy implementation
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Quite simply, we enable our clients to implement their corporate strategy (or adjust it so that it can be implemented).

We bridge the frequent gap between the aspiration of strategic aims and the reality of operational delivery. We call this "Operational Art". The result is that our clients reduce both operational friction and personal stress whilst at the same time typically producing enhanced bottom line results.

No two engagements are alike. We tailor what we do and how we do it to the needs of each client. The benefit is that we do not retro-fit our solutions to your problem.

Many clients can best be served by intensive 1:1 coaching. Others fare best when coached in a small group. In other cases, the desired outcomes indicate that a focussed and tailored consulting / advisory methodology is needed. Above all, we seek to ensure that clients have fun as well as being rigorously challenged. (We think of this as "Seriousness of purpose but levity of approach").

Our work is not industry-specific and we work with client firms of all sizes. Clients include one of the “Big 4” accountancy firms, several international law firms, a number of banks and investment managers plus a number of high profile non-profit organizations as well as individual entrepreneurs and business owners.  Our clients are based in the UK and in Continental Europe. Some are headquartered in the USA.
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